About Beetube

WHY … do we do, what we do?

Because the perfect dress, the perfect makeup, the perfect venue, the perfect food will vanish away. And what will remain deeply embedded in our hearts is the just a memory of that perfect day.

Because we understand the rush of emotions that one goes through when you relive that memory … exactly as it happened. Even if 10 years back.

Because memories are immortal.

HOW … do we do, what we do?

Doing what we believe in – capturing the right moment.

WHAT … do we do?

We are are the best moment captors, in the form of wedding film-makers.


With a bit of assistant direction, editing and a lot of writing background, Abhilasha looks into the creative aspect of your wedding film.
Loaded with sharp marketing skills and the right sense of music beats, Gokul looks into the production and presentation aspect of your wedding film.